Male – 6 months old

Hi, I’m Capone – welcome to my page! I am a handsome little boy who is looking for his forever family. I’m brave, curious and love trying new things. I am most known for my soft brindle coat and adorable puppy-eyes. In fact, I’m an EXPERT at puppy-eyes… no human can resist them.

I am quite the spitfire – made up of 51% sugar and 49% spice. Like a typical puppy, I love to play, eat and nap… then do it all over again! Toys are my favorite, especially empty toilet paper rolls. I also enjoy playing with stuffed animals, fabric ropes and socks. I might be a ninja sock thief, but don’t tell anyone. 

I am in the process of potty training and I am already crate trained! I love, love, LOVE my crate. It’s my man cave – no girls allowed (unless you have treats). I am also learning my name, how to sit nicely when I want something and to come when called.

I love humans, especially when they let me give them kisses. When I meet a new human, I get so excited because I love making new friends! I haven’t been around any tiny humans yet, but I’m sure I’ll love them too. I have a big Pitbull foster sister that I currently live with. I like her, but when she wants play – she gets REALLY excited and gets loud and spins around real fast, which scares me! But then I come out of hiding and we try again. I think I’m going to like playing with her more when I get a little bigger.

I am the very best dog in the whole world because look at me, I’m freaking adorable! I am a chill dude who enjoys the company of his people and all I want to do is love you. What more could you want? (insert puppy-eyes here).


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