Male – 8 months old

It’s-a Me, Mario! I am jumping through Mushroom Kingdom to find my forever family! I am a super soft puppy with great, big, floppy ears – which makes me the Super-est Mario around. I came to Minnesota with my siblings all the way from Indiana. I’ve noticed it can get pretty cold here, which I’m not too sure about yet…unless I get to eat fresh snow – yum!

I am learning lots of great stuff with my foster family like how to go potty outside and basic commands such as sit. It’s a lot of fun learning new tricks, because then I get treats! Mmmm. Treats!  I am also learning that my kennel is a pretty nice place to be, especially when blankets are involved! I sleep soundly in there at night and stay in there during the day when my foster parents are away. I hope my new forever family will keep teaching me tricks and take me to puppy school. I love learning new things and want to grow up to be the best Mario I can be!

Right now, I live with my foster parents, a teenage sibling, a pittie sister, and a dog-savvy cat.  The dog and I have become best friends. We play chase and tug and take naps on the couch.  I am learning how to use my voice when I play. It’s great! The cat is my buddy. We are the same size and have fun playing together.  I love my human friends a lot too. They have laps – which are perfect for naps and snuggles. I have not met any tiny humans yet, but if you teach me how to act around them, I am sure they would be fun to meet!

All in all, I am a Super fun, Super adorable, and Super smart puppy who hopes to find a forever family soon. Together we can team up against the evil Bowser and live happily ever after!

Mario is sponsored by
Jennifer K.
in memory of Oscar Meyer Kostroski


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