Male – 1 years old

Hi, I’m Dexter, a curious pup who loves to explore. I am lean boy, with long legs and an adorable face. I have lopsided, floppy ears and a small white spot on the tip of my tail. I was surrendered by my Mom, who was escaping an abusive situation. I am happy that we are both safe now and I’m excited to find my forever family.

I am a smart dog and I pick up on things quickly, even though sometimes I get easily distracted during training. I am fully potty trained, but this snow and cold weather makes my paws sensitive. So, sometimes I need to be reminded to concentrate on going potty and not exploring when outside. I am kennel trained. My foster family is teaching me some tricks, which I am having a ton of fun with. I am learning “down”, “off”, “leave it” and “come”.

I would love the company of another dog if my forever family has one. I haven’t met any tiny humans before, but I think I would do fine.

I enjoy playing with toys, watching TV and snuggling with my humans. I love to play and I have never found a toy that I don’t like. I love them all – plush, rope, squeaky, balls, bones – you name it, I’ll love it! A good chew toy will keep me busy for hours. I dream about all the toys I’ll have at my forever home and it makes my tail wag.

I am looking for a home filled with love and patience with a family who will play with me and keep teaching me new tricks.

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