Jet Li
Male – 8 months old

I’m Jet Li and I’m ready to show you my ninja moves! The heart on my profile tells you how special I am. When I was 5 weeks old, I was surrendered to a shelter due to an odd medical predicament. Turns out, the muscle lining along my ribs and stomach on one side of my body, was too thin and all my insides fell out of place. Weird, I know. If you’re confused, there’s a picture below to better show what I am talking about. Thankfully, some ninja worthy vets helped me out. I had surgery where mesh was placed to hold everything in place while I grow. So far, the mesh has held while I’ve gone from 2 pounds to now 15 pounds. Ask my foster family if you want more details… I am too busy working on my stealth skills.

I am a typical puppy and love to play. I have so much fun playing with all the dogs in my foster home. We get a long great and love to snuggle after play time. I live with a cat too, but his moves are far better than mine. Jealous. I am learning lots in my foster home, like how to go potty outside. Potty training in the cold weather is no fun, but I’m quick and get my business done as fast as I can so I can go back inside. I love my kennel. I sleep in there at night and hangout in there when the humans are away. I also love food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are my 3 favorite times of the day.

They say there are two rules for being a successful ninja 1) never tell others everything that you know and 2) if you want to know the second rule you’ll have to come meet me!

March vetting update: Jet Li's mesh has held during his puppy growth spurt from 5 pounds to 25 pounds. This is great and the vets believe it means that his body has healed and that the mesh will hold going forward. Come meet Jet Li!

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Valerie P.
in memory of her dog, Lady


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