Female – 1 years old

Well hello there! My name is Lilibet, the nick-name for the Queen of England. Since arriving at Save-a-Bull, I have been treated like a queen (hence the name), however it wasn’t always like that. When I came to Minnesota, I was in rough shape but with some extra TLC, my foster mom nursed me back to health. Now I’m a happy and healthy pup ready to find my forever home!

I am looking for a forever family that will love me as much as I will love them. I love to snuggle, in fact, I have been crowned as the Best Snuggler. I know some dogs claim to be this as well, but I promise you I carry the crown on this one. I love to snuggle with anyone and anything – humans, cats, dogs, pillows, blankets…

I am learning lots in my foster home. I am very treat motivated which makes training a lot easier for you humans. I am potty trained and I’ve also started basic training at the Canine Coach! My foster mom says I’m super smart and that I’m learning quickly. I am still working on becoming more comfortable in my kennel, but I’ll hang out in there when the humans are gone.

Did I mention how much I LOVE to play? I love to run around and play with my foster brother. I also enjoy chasing balls and chewing on bones. I am good about only chewing on things I am supposed to chew on.

Don’t tell my dog friends, but my best buddy is a cat. My favorite is when we snuggle together. See, I told you I love to snuggle with anyone! P.S. Did you see the angel wings on my back? Foster mom says I truly am an angel and whomever my forever family is will be very lucky to have me!

Lilibet is sponsored by
Rochelle L.
in memory of Zach and Molly


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