Female – 1 years old

Hi, I’m Molly! I’m a smaller girl with a calm attitude but I sure am mighty! I want to warn you beforehand because you will fall in love with me as soon as you meet me, I am nicknamed “The heartbreaker”.

I’m super smart and I love treats. I am extremely food motivated and when I grow up I am going to be able to do all the tricks in the book. Right now, I’ve mastered sitting, laying and staying. I’m also really good at waiting before getting my food. I love all toys – soft ones, squeaky ones, hard ones, stringy ones and especially whichever one my foster sister has.

At bedtime and when my foster parents are at work, I get to stay in my own den. It’s great in there – so many blankets! When the humans are gone, I am able to hold my potty until they come home. I get the zoomies when I “gotta go” to let everyone know when it’s time.

Right now, I live with a 5-year-old foster sister who is a pittie and I love to watch everything she does. I watch and learn. She is super fun to wrestle with too! Oh, I almost forgot! I also live with a kitty that I LOVE to play with. He is so fast and fun to run around with. I don’t like to bark and I think that’s why the kitty and I get along so well.

Besides my two favorite hobbies, eating and playing, I really enjoy cuddling and sleeping. I like to snuggle up in the neck of any human and let them know how much I love them. I make sure my humans know how much I appreciate those bowls of food and play time for an endless cycle of happiness. Naps are great, I love them. I think when I am older I will be a couch potato, it seems like a great career.

My dream forever family will provide me with endless scratches, enjoy snuggling on the couch, have other dogs and teach me lots of tricks. They will love me and my wiggly self endlessly, take me on walks every day, oh and did I mention snuggling? I’m a little girl with a mighty heart that is in search of my forever family, Is that you?

Molly is sponsored by
Andy A.
in memory of his dog, Nellie.


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