Male – 1 years old

Huzzah, kind subjects. My name is Royal. I have traveled here from Alabama because the humans there were not doing a good job of caring for my family. My mother stayed behind with a kind lady and I journeyed north with my brothers and sisters.

I have been enjoying my time in my foster home and have learned quite a few things: such as how to walk on a leash, to sit for my meals, and to shake paws. My foster momma wants me to fetch, but I haven’t quite caught on. I do enjoy a good long walk around the neighborhood, though!

I have 2 foster dog siblings, and a cat sibling too. I like to watch out the window for birds, dogs, and people who come by the house. I bark at them to come see me, but they never stop to say hi. My favorite time of day is bedtime, when I snuggle in the bed with my human momma. She sings to me, which is super relaxing.

You may have noticed in my pictures that I don’t have much hair. My mom is a pit bull and my dad is a Mexican Hairless dog (also known as Xoloitzquintle). My human tells me I look like my dad. My dog sister likes to kiss me on my bald forehead. I like it here, but I’m grown now and need to spread my wings, as it were, and find a place of my own. Might my new home be with you?


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