Male – 1 years old

Why hello! This is Cashie's foster mom here writing to you. Cash is a sweet young boy who is quite timid and shy so he asked that I write to tell you about him.

Cash is in search of his forever home. He's a loving, sensitive guy who comes with some insecurities. Once he's comfortable he's a playful, silly boy who wants to please his people. He responds well to training, loves treats and working for kisses and cheese. He is a snuggler and loves to sleep curled to his people or canine sisters. He needs reassurance regularly that you love him through long cuddles on the couch, kisses or letting him lay right on top of you… Also, let's be honest, he's amazingly handsome.

Cash needs strong people to guide him. He needs someone to help him evaluate new situations, keep him safe and ensure he can be successful. He needs to go slow. He needs someone to calm his fears, control the situation, and continue to slowly and safely teach him what is good. New situations and people are scary to Cash.

Cash lives with other dogs and does well with them although, like new people, slow introductions help him to feel confident with his new canine friends. He is playful and would wrestle all afternoon if his sister could keep up. He is energetic and assertive when playing and sometimes needs to be told to take a break. He shares toys well but can be possessive of high value treats.

Cash has allergies and we are working through a treatment plan.

Cash's ideal home would include an experienced dog handler who is confident and experienced with fear reactive dogs. He would do well with a canine sibling who is confident and secure. He excels in situations with structure and predictability. He will need management through his life when encountering new people and dogs to ensure safety and will need an owner who can read him and understand his thresholds.  His ideal home will also have an abundance of plush blankets for him to curl up in, nylabones for chewing, and a large daily allowance of kisses.

Because Cash has fear reactivity, his adoption process will be extended to ensure he is placed in a home that can manage his needs. The adoption process will look as follows:

• Once application is approved, a meet & greet will be set-up for the adoptive family (humans only) to meet Cash in his foster's home.
• If resident animals are present, a 2nd meet & greet will be conducted on neutral ground to introduce the animals.
• The next meeting will be in the adopter’s home, home visit will be completed at this time.
• Attend basic training with Cash & fosters, focused on handling him in public situations and managing his reactivity.
• Conduct 2 or more weekend stays, reporting back to the foster on how the visit goes.

Cash is sponsored by Mary McDonald

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