Male – 4 years old

Handsome male seeking long term commitment:

Hello, my name is Peetie. I am also commonly referred to as Pete or if you are feeling stern, Peter. I am currently living with two human roommates and two canine roommates and while we get along great, I'm looking for a greater commitment and my forever family.

I'm the kinda guy that is up for a jog or a bike ride but then wants to Netflix and chill on the couch cuddled up. I am a cuddler. I love my people and to be near them. My ideal day is when I get to spend the day right at their side. I can get a bit insecure when they leave me in my kennel and just hang out in the house but it is only because I want to be near!

I'm into sports. I like to tug, run, bike and walk. I'm working on my fetch game and think I can make the minors if I keep at it.

I'm a sociable, friendly guy but can get overwhelmed in public settings with a lot of activity. I get excited seeing other dogs and like to yell 'sup' to them. My foster mom usually tells me not to yell, so I quiet down and keep on my way. What can I say- I like to meet new people and fur friends!  I have not met a new person I didn't like- even the smaller variety of humans. I love that they give me treats but I'm a bit clumsy with my size so I may accidentally knock over smaller humans or try to give them too much love.

I'm looking for someone to boss me around. I'm a responsive guy who likes when my people take the lead. I will work for crunchy treats (those are my favorite) and am a pretty quick learner. I can be a bit stubborn, so patience is key but when I figure it out- I've got it down.

I am a good roommate and respectful of the other canines in my house. We like to cuddle, sunbathe and chew on toys together. I keep my room clean, don't chew on anything but my toys and always do my business outside. While we do like to wrestle sometimes, for the most part we just hang out together.

I am kennel trained, can sit, lie and am working on my leash manners. I've been living the bachelor life so I may be a bit rough around some of my edges but I polish up nicely!

I am an in demand guy and all scheduling goes through my foster mom so if you are interested in me, please submit an application so we can schedule our first date!



Peetie is sponsored by
Matt Ecklund & Jennifer Davis
in honor of their wedding guests.


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