Give to the Max Day, dedicated to…

Give to the Max Day, dedicated to…

One of our favorite parts about Give to the Max Day is seeing the dedications that come with the donations. We know every supporter values the importance of the spay/neuter clinics, but we love seeing the real driver, the heartfelt reason, they are making a donation today. Donations today were dedicated to:

  • For Quinny!
  • For Zach and Molly – we miss you!
  • Frankie & Alice
  • From Mac and Mary & Bob
  • From the Cottle Family in memory of Milton.
  • In honor of Jolene Coleman
  • In honor of Norma Buddy and Dave — the Gavin Dogs
  • In honor of Thunder the wonder pup
  • In loving memory of our best friend Mikey.
  • In Memory of Baby Tabi
  • In memory of my father Jerry McDonald
  • In memory of my sweet angel Nellie
  • In Memory of Vinnie
  • Jefferson & Madeline – best granddogs ever
  • In memory of Kathy Carlson
  • Nova, Tillie & Duke
  • Opal
  • Fay
  • Thanks for all you do!
  • The crew of 5Pawz
  • To help pups like Linus find the right home
  • To my Jozee miss you everyday baby
  • To our first furry child Shug
  • To our sweet Ernest

Thank you again to everyone who was supported us so far and is yet to make a donation. You are a warm and wonderful part of the Save-a-Bull family and we appreciate your support today and every day!


Pints, Pit Bulls, and Patios

Pints, Pit Bulls, and Patios

Outside of our Fix Your Pit Clinics, Save-a-Bull volunteers love to be out in the Twin Cities supporting our community and hosting other events. Every February, we host a Bake Sale at Urban Tails Pet Supply where there are treats for humans and pups alike. In March, we offer winter relief by partnering with Butcher and the Boar for our Cabin Fever Reliever event. But as the weather gets warmer, you will likely find our Save-a-Bull crew on a local patio sipping on local craft beer.

For the past few summers, Save-a-Bull has been partnering with local breweries to combine pints and pitbulls. The Twin Cities area craft brewery scene is a bustling community eager to give back to local non-profits and we are fortunate enough to participate! We spend the summer nights at a different spot every few weeks where we drink beer, give away prizes, and bring out adoptable pups to potentially find their forever homes!

In 2016, we decided to launch the Save-a-Bull Summer Brewery Tour. The 2016 brewery tour consisted of 10 brewery partners who gave a portion of their proceeds of the night back to the rescue. In 2016, we were able to raise over $10,000 for rescue! After seeing the amazing support from the community, we knew we had to continue the fun.

In 2017, we visited 8 brewery partners where we were able to raise over $14,400 for rescue! This number is incredible and we are so thankful for our wonderful brewery partners and our event patrons for joining us for the tour. The proceeds from the brewery tour go directly to our dogs in rescue by providing food, treats, toys, and vetting care for our pitties before they move on to their forever homes.

In 2017, we had the incredible opportunity to partner with NorthGate Brewery to make a special brew, the All American Pit Bull Pale Ale, for our finale event in September!

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to: Sisyphus Brewing, LynLake Brewery, Indeed Brewing Company, Sociable Cider Werks, Lakes & Legends Brewing Company, Boom Island Brewing Company, Tin Whiskers Brewery, and NorthGate Brewing. Their support this past summer made the 2017 brewery tour our most successful one yet!

And we don’t plan on slowing down. We will be out again in the summer of 2018 visiting your favorite Twin Cities brewery spots. Follow along with us as we drink pints, pet pit bulls, and soak up the Minnesota summer sun. Be sure to check our website this spring for all the details of our 2018 tour.


When birthday gifts mean so much more

When birthday gifts mean so much more

This summer, something a little magical happened.

When former adopter Bernadette Heaney-Deuel started planning a birthday party for her kids Henry (9) and Hazel (6), she asked them if they would like to receive gifts at the party or ask friends and family for donations to an organization. Both kids agreed that they wanted to donate gifts to the rescue where their beloved Bosco came from, Save-a-Bull.

They sent out invitations explaining how they wanted gifts to be donated. Party guests showed up with lots of stuff from the wish list and also took the time to make rope toys to add to the pile of items collected!

Henry and Hazel then personally delivered their donation to the rescue at an adoption event, where they got to play with and there thanked by dogs and puppies who really appreciate their thoughtfulness.
If kids like Henry and Hazel are our future, then the world is truly a great place.

To Texas with love

To Texas with love

Our hearts and our prayers go to to all those affected by the hurricane in Texas. Many people have reached out to asked how they can help and if we have any support efforts going on here.

Here is a great article that details some of the ways you can directly support those in Texas:

On our end, we’re working with rescue partners to bring in some dogs from the affected areas to make room for their local dogs. We could use donations of supplies from our Amazon Wish List.

We’re also joining Tangerine House of Design to gather and ship supplies to animal organizations in Texas who need help. We will be collecting donated food, collars, leashes, bedding, towels, treats and crates and sending them to Texas on Saturday, September 9. We have three drop off locations/dates:

1. Our adoption event at Minnehaha Falls Park tomorrow Saturday, September 2, from noon-2:00pm [DETAILS]

2. Tangerine House of Design during our 2018 Calendar Release party on Wednesday September 6 from 5:00 – 9:00 [DETAILS]  Stay for the food, drinks and socializing with the rescue community!

3. And The Beauty Room salon at 4300 Chicago Ave So. Saturday 10am-4:30pm or Tuesday 10am-7:30pm.

You can also drop supplies off at Tangerine House of Design anytime between now and Wednesday. please email to make arrangements.

This shipment goes out next weekend. If we have the opportunity to do another one, we’ll post more drop off locations again soon.

A huge joint effort gives a pregnant dog and her puppies hope.

A huge joint effort gives a pregnant dog and her puppies hope.

The world is truly full of great, caring people!

It all started with a good Samaritan in North Carolina who happened upon a small female pit bull sitting in the middle of a road. She was dirty, had horribly cropped ears, and was very, very pregnant. She brought her to animal control to try and get her some help.

The staff at Animal control thought the dog was going to have her puppies right there in the shelter because her temperature was dropping, which is indicative of going into labor.

Once the dog’s stray hold was up, and no one claimed her, this desperate dog was in need of a miracle. We decided it was worth the effort to see if we could pull together a transport to get her here to Save-a-Bull. It was Wednesday night and we had to work fast – and we had to hope she didn’t go into labor before we moved her, or she’d have to stay there. We started making plans, calling every contact we knew, and looking for connections in multiple states that would be willing to help drive her to us.

We finally arranged a two-day transport trip for this pregnant mama, that included eleven different drivers through eight states. It was scheduled to leave Friday morning as long as she hadn’t delivered.

Luckily, she held off on delivering her puppies so she was able to start her trip north. She traveled to Indiana the first day and spent the night with a rescue organization there. Saturday morning she got back in the car and completed her journey to Minnesota. Welcome home, MandyMoo.

It took a miracle of perfect timing and a network of committed people to get pregnant MandyMoo from North Carolina to Minnesota.

MandyMoo is now settled into her new foster home getting the care and love she needs as she prepares to deliver her new puppies. She’ll be taken for a full vet check up and we’re preparing everything she needs for a safe, healthy delivery.

A big part of what MandyMoo and her puppies will need is proper nutrition. As she prepares to deliver, and once she starts nursing her babies, Mandy will eat 12 cups of dry puppy food and 2 cans of wet puppy food PER DAY. That’s a LOT of food!

Save-a-Bull already has a dozen puppies in rescue and we will be going through all our food quickly. In addition, we are currently OUT of canned food completely, so if there ever was a time to donate, it’s now!

If you’d like to lend a helping hand to MandyMoo and her puppies, and all the puppies in rescue, please consider a donation of FOOD from our Amazon Wish List. It’s quick and easy to donate, and food is shipped directly to us.

We can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support! Rescue is a team effort – not only our fosters and volunteers, but also the community that gathers around us to help make things a little better for an unwanted dog in need.

Make a donation now!

Food and supplies are always needed and greatly appreciated! If you want to send a gift to a dog in rescue, please shop from our Amazon Wish List.

And don’t forget to use our Amazon Smile link every time you shop at Amazon – 5% of your purchase is donated to rescue every time you shop!

When puppies need support, no one delivers like YOU!

When puppies need support, no one delivers like YOU!

It’s been a puppy-filled few months for Save-a-Bull Rescue! In December, pregnant mama Perdy gave birth to eight babies. Just as they were old enough to move to solid foods, we took in another litter of eight. Then, two weeks later, yet another 10 puppies came to rescue!

Since nutrition at this young age is extra-important, we needed to get enough food to feed these growing pups ASAP. We put out a plea on Facebook, asking anyone who wanted to help feed these puppies to  consider shopping from our Amazon Wish List. Well, a few days later we were bombarded with food, treats, toys and well wishes from many supporters. We can’t thank you enough for sending these special gifts! 

Two days in a row, the UPS man left us big deliveries.

We LOVE the notes that come with our Amazon Wish List packages!

Food is the single largest expense to rescue, and with this many little mouths to feed, the costs were stacking up. Your donations take that burden off our shoulders and let us focus on the care and placement of the many young lives that are depending on us.

As always, we can’t do any of this without your support and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts – and so do the puppies!

Food and supplies are always needed and greatly appreciated! If you want to send a gift to a dog in rescue, please shop from our Amazon Wish List.

And don’t forget to use our Amazon Smile link every time you shop at Amazon – 5% of your purchase is donated to rescue every time you shop!

Feature photo by Tangerine House of Design