Surgery is scary, no matter how tough you think you are

Surgery is scary, no matter how tough you think you are

Sully is a big beautiful boy that we had the pleasure of meeting at our one of our 2018 clinics. He was the perfect stoic gentleman as he arrived at the clinic with his family. When it came time to check in, he happily went along with one of our volunteers to be weighed and escorted to his kennel to await surgery.

This was Sully’s first-ever visit to a veterinarian and the barking and chaos of a dozen other dogs also waiting for surgery was too much for him. He began to shake and growl and became defensively aggressive when anyone approached his kennel. Luckily our volunteers and the vet staff have plenty of experience with dogs under duress and were able to safely handle him until he was sedated. Once out of surgery we muzzled him for his and everyone’s peace of mind and coaxed and comforted him out of the anesthesia.

Un-neutered male dogs have a higher rate of aggression; the hormone testosterone acts as an accelerant making him more reactive. Learn more about why neutering your male dog is important.

Sully went home and recovered from surgery nicely. He’s back with his family: his favorite kids and dog sibling, and of course a mama that loves him dearly.

Today my dog was neutered, got his shots, and microchipped all for free thanks to [Save-a-Bull Rescue]. My dog was VERY stressed out to be there….and when they took him from me it got to the point of aggression towards staff. Instead if looking at my baby like he is a monster, they were understanding and patient. His leash was weathered from puppy life, and they gave him a new leash and collar too. Hes was given extra love and care and I couldn’t be more grateful- HONESTLY! I’M BLOWN AWAY by the love. The front desk forgot to give me the paper for me to have him chipped, SAB got me the paper and chipped him anyways! I’m in tears GRATEFUL. — feeling blessed.
Tiffany S.

Sully wasn’t happy about everything that happened to him that day, but in the long run he will lead a better life  thanks to his mom taking the time to bring him in.

History of Our Fix Your Pit Program

History of Our Fix Your Pit Program

WHY spay and neuter: The pit bull breed faces a devastating prognosis in the general population of animals that end up in shelters across the country. With euthanasia rates higher than any other breed, and irresponsible breeding still on the rise, pit bulls continue to look toward a bleak future. Limiting the number of unwanted dogs by promoting spay and neuter will have a positive impact on this problem.

In February 2015 we held our first free spay/neuter clinic in memory of one of our volunteers tragically killed in a car accident the December before. Alyssa Winters was passionate about helping pit bulls and we wanted to honor that with one free clinic each year. The clinic filled up immediately and the outpouring of support for this type of service was incredible. We knew we had to expand the program – but how? Surgeries are expensive and Save-a-Bull just didn’t have the means to cover that kind of expense on a regular basis. So we took to fundraising on Give to the Max Day with a goal to raise enough money to host four quarterly clinics the following year.

Our community responded with enormous generosity and we easily funded the four clinics in 2016. As we continued to serve people who came to these clinics, we saw more and more need. Many of these dogs had never been to the vet and didn’t have basic vaccinations or microchips. We knew we had to add the option for these services so responsible pet owners could easily be set up for success.

Once again we made a fundraising plea to our supporters on Give to the Max Day and raised enough money to expanded our 2017 clinic schedule to include six clinics that offered free spay or neuter, vaccines and microchips. We also provided new collars and leashes to dogs who came in on ropes, frayed and unsafe collars, or simply without anything at all.

We continue to fundraise to support these clinics on Give to the Max Day and we once again were able to host six clinics in 2018. In addition to the standard spay/neuter, vaccines, microchips and collars, we were also able to offer treatment for minor issues like ear and skin infections and fleas, offer screenings for heartworm and provided hernia repairs.

With fundraising in small excess of the actual cost of our six clinics, we were also able to cover the cost of spay/neuter or medical treatments for several clients who couldn’t make it to one of the scheduled clinic dates. This is how our Community Outreach Program was born. By providing even the smallest amount of care to those in need we are able to reach out to a larger segment of our community and have an even greater impact.

Going forward we want to continue to offer these services to our community and hopefully grow our Fix Your Pit and Community Outreach Programs. We already have six clinics scheduled for 2019 and need your donations to fund those.

Each year we set aside one day, Give to the Max Day, and dedicate it to raising the money we need to fund these programs the following year.

During that fundraising day, we share why these clinics are important and the impact they make on the dogs – and people – in our community, and ask for your support. Our volunteers, partner organizations and corporate supporters pledge matching grants to help push us toward our goal.

Thank you ALL for making these much needed programs a reality. We’ve been touched by your generosity and by the stories of the people who’s lives are being impacted immeasurably.

*Note 2018 dogs served totals doesn’t include our last clinic in 2018 which happens on December 15.

Supporting spay and neuter assistance programs for our community will promote responsible dog ownership and breed advocacy which is an important part of the work we’re trying to do every day. Donate today and be a part of our Fix Your Pit program!



Holiday greetings that deliver smiles, support and awareness

Holiday greetings that deliver smiles, support and awareness

Save-a-Bull Rescue of Minnesota has partnered with Picaboo to create a truly one of a kind custom photo holiday card opportunity. Cards for Causes lets you send custom holiday cards while 50% of the purchase price gets donated to rescue.

Choose from a library of designs and customize it with your photos and message, or create your own from scratch. Each card will have a short blurb about Save-a-Bull’s mission on the back, spreading awareness with each card you send. And 50% of your order cost will be donated to Save-a-Bull to help dogs in need.

And there’s more: Use the discount code CARDS4CAUSES and you’ll save 50% off your entire order – so everybody wins!

EASY AS 1-2-3:

1. Create your card using your own photos and card designs from the design library.

2. Add your customized card to your cart and check out using the promo code CARDS4CAUSES to receive 50% off.

3. Send your customized card to all of your friends and family, while Save-a-Bull Rescue receives 50% of the proceeds of your card order.


to start designing your holiday cards now!


And drop us a card at the following address. We’d love to see your designs to celebrate the holidays and share them with our Facebook family!

Save-a-Bull Rescue
attn CARDS
PO Box 26453
Minneapolis, MN 55426

Meet Robbie

Meet Robbie

Robbie is a young pitbull mix adopted by Alex Sobeck from Happy Tails Rescue.

Robbie enjoys stealing kitty food, playing with big dogs, getting back massages and sleeping in with mommy. He especially loves to carry his favorite nerd toy (a plush “nerve cell”) around wherever he goes.

Robbie’s photos were taken by Tangerine House of Design as part of the 2018 Pin Up Pets calendar contest.

Meet Lilly and Judge

Meet Lilly and Judge

Lilly was adopted by Josh and Katie Rushlo in April 2015 and Judged joined the family in May 2016. They make a perfect pair; Lilly is cautious and reserved while Judge is carefree and outgoing and helps Lilly cope with scary situations. Lilly loves to snuggle at home with her teenage human sister while Judges likes going for car rides. They spend their days together chasing balls in the yard, lounging in the sun and sharing a snuggly blanket in front of the TV.

Lilly and Judge are featured in our 2018 Save-a-Bull calendar, photos by Tangerine House of Design.