The world is truly full of great, caring people!

It all started with a good Samaritan in North Carolina who happened upon a small female pit bull sitting in the middle of a road. She was dirty, had horribly cropped ears, and was very, very pregnant. She brought her to animal control to try and get her some help.

The staff at Animal control thought the dog was going to have her puppies right there in the shelter because her temperature was dropping, which is indicative of going into labor.

Once the dog’s stray hold was up, and no one claimed her, this desperate dog was in need of a miracle. We decided it was worth the effort to see if we could pull together a transport to get her here to Save-a-Bull. It was Wednesday night and we had to work fast – and we had to hope she didn’t go into labor before we moved her, or she’d have to stay there. We started making plans, calling every contact we knew, and looking for connections in multiple states that would be willing to help drive her to us.

We finally arranged a two-day transport trip for this pregnant mama, that included eleven different drivers through eight states. It was scheduled to leave Friday morning as long as she hadn’t delivered.

Luckily, she held off on delivering her puppies so she was able to start her trip north. She traveled to Indiana the first day and spent the night with a rescue organization there. Saturday morning she got back in the car and completed her journey to Minnesota. Welcome home, MandyMoo.

It took a miracle of perfect timing and a network of committed people to get pregnant MandyMoo from North Carolina to Minnesota.

MandyMoo is now settled into her new foster home getting the care and love she needs as she prepares to deliver her new puppies. She’ll be taken for a full vet check up and we’re preparing everything she needs for a safe, healthy delivery.

A big part of what MandyMoo and her puppies will need is proper nutrition. As she prepares to deliver, and once she starts nursing her babies, Mandy will eat 12 cups of dry puppy food and 2 cans of wet puppy food PER DAY. That’s a LOT of food!

Save-a-Bull already has a dozen puppies in rescue and we will be going through all our food quickly. In addition, we are currently OUT of canned food completely, so if there ever was a time to donate, it’s now!

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We can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support! Rescue is a team effort – not only our fosters and volunteers, but also the community that gathers around us to help make things a little better for an unwanted dog in need.

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